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Who am I?

Most of my life has been dedicated to perfection in golf. I have learned a lot and am convinced anyone can master the game with a little instruction, time and effort.

I am also a bit of a sports nut, a movie buff and literature student.

I am a lifelong Denver Broncos fan who also spends a lot of time watching NBA basketball and Major League Baseball.

I think Lebron James is vastly overrated, steroids saved baseball whether we like it or not, and the parity in the NFL is the worst idea ever invented.

I have a degree in English Literature, have worked as a journalist and am constantly fascinated by the art of story telling. Whether it be local gossip, a good film, or a good book, our world is made up of stories from morning till night.

I hope you enjoy some of my stories.

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What We Can Learn From K.J. Choi posted on 12/01/2008

It may appear that K.J. Choi was the lucky player that made the putt on the 18th hole in yesterday’s Skins Game, but the truth is Choi played the best golf for two days and deserved to win the big money.


Andy North’s commentary on Saturday, the first day of the Skins Game, was emphasizing hitting the right shot at the right time and getting lucky in order to win the big skins.  During the coverage on Sunday, however, North kept talking about the importance of continually hitting good shot after good shot.


What changed his tune?


Perhaps it was the play of Choi.  Choi’s tee shots hit the center of most fairways and his approach shots were all right on target.  The few shots that he didn’t hit right next to the hole were off on distance only; they still were right on line with the flag.

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NFL Week 13 Musings posted on 11/30/2008

People seem to like the New York Jets to beat the Denver Broncos with ease.  I suppose this is a bit of an obvious bet, which is usually a good reason not to bet it. 


The Broncos defense is so bad it cannot be counted on to force a single punt all day.  They just got done losing to the Oakland Raiders in Denver, so that certainly does its part in creating a bad image for the Broncos.


The problem with taking the Jets at -8.5 is, as I mentioned, it is too obvious.  The Jets are getting a lot of media praise this week.  They are deserving of this praise, having won five straight games, the last of which came against the previously undefeated Tennessee Titans.


They didn’t just squeak past the Titans either.  They walloped Tennessee by the score of 34-13.  While the Jets were boosting their public image, the Broncos were destroying theirs with a 31-10 loss to the Raiders.

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Celtics Sound Off Crystal Clear Message posted on 11/20/2008

Celtics fans have nothing to worry about.  They showed everyone tonight that they are still the same dominant team that won the title last season. 


They beat the Pistons for the second time this season, in a game that was never even close.  They played physical in every phase of the game.  They out-hustled the Pistons, out-rebounded the Pistons and out-defended the Pistons.


The Pistons all had dazed looks on their faces from the second quarter on to the finish.  They looked like a lost team without any answer for what the Celtics were doing to them.


The Celtics made it look really easy.  From the big three right down the last bench player, the Celtics played basketball the way it is supposed to be played.


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Second Half Should See More of Same posted on 11/20/2008

Kendrick Perkins with his league leading 7th technical right before the half?  I am surprised the Celtics lead the league in technical fouls this season and more shocked that Perkins leads the team.  Are the Celtics getting a little too boistrous after their championship? 

Winning a title might earn the right to talk a little, but they better be careful not to take it too far.  As for this game against the Pistons, they have earned the right to talk a little.  The Pistons are having a hard time getting shots in the paint.  They are shooting a bunch of jumpers and the Celtics keep grabbing the rebounds.  One and done is not a recipe for success.

I would expect this game to continue just the way it is going.  The Pistons might have Allen Iverson, but they sure don't have an answer for the Celtics defense.  Iverson is doing exactly what he always does: he dribbles around looking for holes.  That strategy might work against bad teams, but not against a good team defense like the Celtics have.

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Undrafted and Unstoppable posted on 11/20/2008

When you consider that he wasn't drafted by any team in the NFL, it is safe to say you probably won't be drafting him or picking him up for your fantasy football team, either. 

He had just 10 carries in the game against Atlanta on Sunday, but they always seem to be important ones, the kind of carries that remind us what it means to play football.

Peyton Hillis scored two touchdowns for the Denver Broncos on Sunday.  Jay Cutler may get a lot of credit for his final touchdown pass to take the lead for good, but Hillis was the MVP of the game in my eyes.

He caught three passes for just 26 yards, but one of those catches came on key third down late in the game.  He caught the ball short of the sticks, somehow stopped himself an inch from going out of bounds and then danced sideways, on his toes until he had reached the first down marker.

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